Sunday, June 22, 2008

Announcements: Sunday, June 22

1. Pan-Orthodox women's retreat, September 19-21, application forms are on the bulletin board. Register early for a place.
2. Church clean up of the grounds, as well as some much needed repair and painting, will take place in late July. A possible date is July 28th. Please speak to Darin Brooks for details.
3. We have a new bulletin board for church-related items. There is also an intercessory prayer list on the bulletin board where you can write down people for whom we should be praying.
4. Seminary Appeal Please consider making a donation to support our seminaries this month. Donations should be over and above your regular giving. Earmark cheques "seminary appeal."
5. Iconostasis Please consider making a donation towards the cost of our iconostasis icons. We are hoping to collect pledges up to a total of $175 per month. So far $75 has been pledged. Any monthly amount would be appreciated, though such pledge should be over and above our regular giving. If you would like to make a one-time donation, please earmark your cheques "iconostasis icons."

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