Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Way Forward

Dear Members and Friends of Saint Aidan's:

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Now that we are settled as a united, worshiping Orthodox Christian community in the East Kootenay, I believe it is time to consider how our mission might fulfill itself by reaching out to our region of the world.

I therefore offer for your prayers and thoughts the following vision. It is not my own creation. It is simply a synthesis of everything I have heard St. Aidan's community saying and dreaming for as long I have known them.

If the idea seems too big, and perhaps a little crazy, know that the Lord is larger than the largest vision our timid minds might conceive. If this is His will, nothing can prevent it from happening. In this endeavour, we will need material support from outside our community. We will need prayers in abundance. We will need courage and dedication, even when the way gets difficult. And the Lord can provide it all, if we seek Him and rest in Him continually.

I look forward to your responses and your support as we take this next step in our life together as Church.

Fr. Richard Rene

The Vision: Lindisfarne Haven
Picture a few acres of land on the outskirts of a town in the heart of the BC Rockies.

Picture the sun rising over the peaks to touch the cross atop the gleaming cupola of St. Aidan's Church. The bell rings for Matins, as members of the community make their way over the grass. When the sun descends, they will assemble again for Vespers, framing their day in the Church's song.

Picture a cluster of affordable housing units around the Church; a park where children play; a quiet space and garden where neighbours grow food for sustainable living. Picture people from every walk of life—married and single, young and old, low-income and wealthy—supporting one another daily, building lifelong relationships in a round of work and prayer and fellowship.

Picture a not-for-profit business that supports the material needs of the community while providing the unemployed with job skills making soap, candles, preserves and baked goods—local products available for sale online and by catalogue across North America.

Picture a Therapeutic Centre where anyone in need can access free physical, psychological and spiritual healing. There’s a parish nurse, non-sectarian counseling steeped in a Christian ethos, and direction for spiritual renewal.

This is “Lindisfarne Haven”—an inclusive, self-sustaining community whose purpose is to show forth the love of Jesus Christ by worshiping daily in the Orthodox Christian way, as well as by providing a place of belonging, healing, and employment for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, creed, or gender.

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  1. May God grant His blessing on your vision, bringing it to reality! Sounds beautiful, Father Richard...


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