Friday, November 26, 2010

Update on Archbishop Seraphim

The following statement has been issued from the Archdiocese of Canada:

"On Nov 24, 2010, Archbishop Seraphim was interviewed by Winnipeg City Police. Two charges of sexual assault of minors were laid against Archbishop Seraphim at the beginning of the process. [Note: it is the law that charges be laid, otherwise an interview cannot be conducted.]

"Nothing has been proven against the archbishop. In all probability, this matter will now go to trial. The matter is proceeding much as Archbishop Seraphim expected, because of the high profile nature of the situation, and the notoriety associated with it.

"Events are alleged to have taken place 25 years ago, when the men making complaints were children. Therefore, a publication ban has been placed against the release of their names. Any release of their names is a violation of the Winnipeg court order.

"In accordance with very strong legal advice to do so, Archbishop Seraphim has remained silent to the allegations against him. This provides the opportunity for his lawyer to obtain, through the courts, the evidence Winnipeg police have compiled. Archbishop Seraphim will then be able to respond to a full picture of the allegations made against him.

"Continued prayers are required for all concerned in this situation. As information becomes available, it will be provided to the faithful of the archdiocese."

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