Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 25 Vespers Cancelled

Dear St. Aidanites:
Christ is Risen!!!

I pray you are all still basking in the joy of the glory of Pascha and the Resurrection of our Lord!

I am cancelling Vespers at St. Aidan's for this Saturday (April 25) so as many of us as possible can travel down to Holy Myrrhbearers in Bonners Ferry Idaho and take in the Saturday retreat which Fr. Gregory Horton has very generously invited us to.  We will have Sunday Divine Liturgy at 10:30 at St. Aidan's as per usual. As an added bonus this weekend is of course the 2nd Sunday of Pascha and as such is the feast day for Holy Myrrhbearers so we will be able to celebrate their feast day with them at the Vespers service Saturday afternoon/early evening before we head on back to Canada! Please see below for Fr. Gregory's invitation and short explanation. If anyone would like more information or is planning on attending, please give me a call so we can arrange for car pooling on Saturday morning. I expect we will want to be leaving around 8am Cranbrook time on Saturday morning to be there in time for the 9am Liturgy, as Bonners Ferry is an hour behind us right now.
Much love in our Risen Lord......fr andrew 250-420-1582

Dear Gentlemen (and Ladies):

Christ is in our midst!  I have decided to offer a "mini retreat" on the topic "Laying Aside All Earthly Cares" on Saturday, April 25th, the Feast of St. Mark the Evangelist. We will have Liturgy that morning at 9am, a little breakfast and the first session. We can then have a little lunch and the second session with lots of time for questions. Possibly, we will do an early Vespers with Artoklasia (Litiya)  for our feast day (Holy Myrrhbearers is celebrated the next day) and depart.So please place this date on your calendars...I wanted to get it out as soon as I could...it is for both ladies and gentlemen...thanks!!!

In Christ's Holy Love,

Fr. Gregory

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