About Us

What is the Orthodox Church?
The Eastern Orthodox Christian Church has existed continuously from the time of Pentecost. It is the faith of the majority of Christians in the Middle East, Greece, the Balkan States, and the Russian Federation.

Until the 11th century, the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church considered themselves to be "one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church." Today, the Orthodox Church continues to uphold and proclaim the fullness of the Christian faith as the Apostles preached it from the beginning.

Saint Aidan's Orthodox Church is part of the Archdiocese of Canada (www.archdiocese.ca) in the Orthodox Church in America (www.oca.org), a jurisdiction ruled by a council of synod of bishops. We trace our spiritual roots to the Russian mission to Alaska and North America in 1794.

Like North America itself, we are a multicultural community. Some of us are Orthodox "from the cradle," while others have converted from various backgrounds. In keeping with our common North America identity, all our services are in English.

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Who is Saint Aidan?
Born in Ireland in the 7th century, Aidan became a monk at the famous monastery of Iona in Scotland. In 635, Aidan was consecrated a Bishop and sent to bring the Gospel to the pagans of Northumbria.

Aidan was well known for his gentle and loving pastoral care. Rather than riding a horse, as befitted his rank, he preferred to walk everywhere, dealing with the people face to face. He lived a life of ceaseless prayer and poverty, giving all his wealth to the poor. He died in peace in 651 A.D., a beloved pastor and light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more information on Saint Aidan, please consult the following article by Fr.Lawrence Farley: "St. Aidan of Lindisfarne."